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Not Just an Image in Sound: Lithuanian

Radio Documentary 



Vaida Pilibaitytė


Adomas Zubė

In Lithuanian

3:00 - 4:00 p.m.

Audio documentaries balance between journalism and art, awaken the imagination and excite, sometimes even physically affecting the listener. During the session, we will learn more about the genre and while listening to intriguing audio stories, immerse ourselves in the unique world of sounds and voices. What narrative tells the oldest "radio composition" in the LRT archive? Which audio story is considered a classic of contemporary Lithuanian radio documentary? What makes Lithuanian school of radio documentary stand out in comparison with international practises? Vaida Pilibaitytė, the creator of LRT RADIO documentaries, using her personal experience and archival recordings, will review the history and the development of this unique genre in Lithuania.

Vaida Pilibaitytė

Vaidos Pilibaitytės Interviu NARA podkastui apie radijo dokumentika_Artūro Morozovo fotogr

She is a Lithuanian public radio producer and experienced audio storyteller with focus on environmental issues. She works for the national broadcaster LRT, where she produces and co-hosts weekly radio programmes on environment and radio documentaries. Vaida enjoys crafting layered, in depth non-fiction stories where a combination of voice and soundscapes helps create a special space for human mind and soul to wonder, feel, understand and discover. In 2018, her series on arsenic pollution in groundwater won a national prize for investigative reporting, and radio documentary about encounters with wolves was nominated for PRIX EUROPA in 2017. Vaida is also teaching and mentoring recipients of the prestigious international Åke Blomström award for young radio feature producers.

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