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Artful Approaches to Sound Design


Ariana Martinez


Adomas Zubė

In English


4:30 - 5:30 pm .

The current landscape of radio, podcasts, and audio story-telling often prioritizes the meaning found in spoken dialog at the expense of the intuitive, gut-level, poetic meaning to be found in sound itself. How do we challenge expectations for legibility and allow space for subtler meanings to rise to the surface? When we look to other mediums—visual arts, performance, and beyond—we can adapt processes from other fields to add spontaneity, play, and complexity into our audio work. This session will share ways to cultivate a creative practice in audio that borrows from multiple disciplines and places experimentation at the forefront. We’ll explore some big-picture concepts for developing our distinct creative voices as a sound designers and some technical strategies for giving each thing we touch its own signature sound. 

Ariana Martinez

Ariana Martinez portretas su diktafonu ir ausinėmis_juodai balta nuotrauka.jpg

Multimedia artist, radio documentarian, and sound designer based in the United States. Ariana has created radio feature stories for BBC 4’s Short Cuts and BBC 3’s The Essay. They were the sound designer and engineer for Brain on Nature, which was named one of the “Best Podcasts of 2019” by the Financial Times. Ariana is a dedicated media arts educator, having taught workshops for the Third Coast International Audio Festival, UnionDocs, The Association for Independents in Radio, & the City University of New York. Ariana’s audio and visual work has appeared at HearSay Festival, LUCIA Festival, Open City Documentary Festival, and The Barbican Cultural Centre’s Soundhouse. In their spare time, Ariana likes to draw with crayons, take long walks with no destination, and write sweet letters to faraway friends.

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