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What is Sound and How to Control It?


24th ofAugust

04:30 - 05:30 p.m.


Marius Dundulis


Session online


Agnė Pakšytė


In Lithuanian

Have you ever wondered what sound is, where it comes from and how it reaches you nervous system? Without knowing that, it’s impossible to get it right. It’s only when we’re familiar with the concept of sound that we can move on to recording. The subtleties of microphones, the mystery of mono-stereo, and decibels are an integral part of sound management. If you chose the right microphone, its placement and the optimum sound, you already won. The rest is just a cherry on top.


During the session we will discuss:

  1. Microphones and their types

  2. Stereo vs. Mono

We recommend listening with headphones.

Marius Dundulis

Marius Dundulis - graduated from the SAE Institute in London. He is the Head of the Directing Team at LRT Radio’s Live Broadcasting and Recording Department, designer of mobile radio stations, official in-house audio lecturer at LRT Radio, specialist in studio and out-of-studio recordings, and director of audio/video editing and visual radio.

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