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My Country is Being Bоmbed. I Am Recording a Podcast.


24th ofAugust

06:00 - 07:00 p.m.


Olha Snitsarchuk

Volodymyr Yermolenko

Kateryna Lytvinchova


Session online


Vaida Pilibaitytė


In English

When Russia launched a large-scale invasion of Ukraine in spring 2022, journalists and podcasters were forced to adapt to a new harsh reality. Some became volunteers, others started documenting war crimes, and some took up the mission of educating foreign audiences about the historical, political and cultural context of this war in English. Audio-makers from Ukraine say that the audience for some of their podcasts has grown tenfold, with listeners not only in Europe and the US, but also in countries like Chile, Kazakhstan, Hong Kong and Taiwan.


In this discussion, the creators of well-known Ukrainian podcasts talk about their work before and after February 24th, audience expectations and what it means to be a journalist when your country is at war.

Dr. Volodymyr Yermolenko

A Ukrainian philosopher, journalist and writer. Doctor of political studies (France), PhD candidate in Philosophy (Ukraine). Analytics director a Internews Ukraine, one of the biggest and oldest Ukrainian media NGOs. Chief editor of, a multimedia project in English about Ukraine. Associate professor at Kyiv-Mohyla Academy. Book writer (non-fiction and fiction), winner of Myroslav Popovych Prize (2021), Petro Mohyla Prize (2021), Yurii Sheveliov Prize (2018), Book of the Year prize in Ukraine (2018, 2015) and others. Member of board of International Renaissance Foundation (OSI Network). Member of Supervisory board of Ukrainian Institute (2018- 2021). Public lecturer, columnist at Krayina Magazine and Expert in information analysis and media literacy; architect and trainer at several media literacy projects within the activity of Internews Ukraine and UkraineWorld. Co-founder and author of podcasts Kult:Podcast (in Ukrainian) and Explaining Ukraine (in English). Anchorman of TV programmes Ukraina Rozumna and Hromadske.Svit at (2016-2020). Author of numerous articles in international and Ukrainian media. Published in The Economist, Le Monde, Financial Times, New York Times, Newsweek, gave numerous comments to BBC, CNN, Al Jazeera, France 24 etc. His texts and interviews have been published in Ukrainian, English, French, German, Polish, Italian, Russian, Dutch, Norwegian, Czech, Greek, Chinese and others. Father of three daughters.

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Kateryna Lytvinchova portrait.jpg

Kateryna Lytvinchova

Podcast editor on Urban Space Radio (Ukraine), an independent

media and podcast platform which aims to support maturity in society through audio products. Host and co-creator of the podcast ‘UA: The Day That We Survived’. The podcast features what is happening in Ukraine after Russia`s full-scale invasion by sharing only verified information and personal stories of Ukrainians with an English-speaking audience. Kateryna Lytvinchova believes that voices, when heard, could be as powerful as weapons.

Olha Snitsarchuk

A journalist and presenter from Ukraine who lives in Kyiv. She has worked for Channel 5 and the Public Broadcasting Television of Ukraine. During wartime in Ukraine, since April 2022, she has been hosting the podcast ‘Here-And-Now’: Stories of Journalists at the War’. Stories of a Journalist at War /The project of PEN Ukraine in collaboration with George Gongadze Prize  and The Ukrainians.

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