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Caution! Woodpecker in the City







1 min


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After I opened my car door, I heard a woodpecker tapping the nearest tree.

When I got off, I felt with my whole body a frontier between the place I live and the place I work. I am settled in a small village near Warsaw, where I have just arrived home from the city.

The woodpecker I saw drove me to seek sonoristic frontiers in my everyday life. I realised that I have become accustomed to many sounds and the way I hear them. Although plenty of them, metaphorically and literally, become frontiers.

Producer Bartosz Panek

Translation Judita Ragauskaitė

Subtitles Ignė Narbutaitė

Animation Emilija Juzeliūnaitė

Bartosz Panek

Radio feature documentary maker and reporter with over 20 years’ professional experience. Currently he is a part of Free Range’s creative division. Prize winner of Polish and international awards, including the Prix Italia for innovative documentary language. His works have been highlighted in competitions and audio festivals in Italy, France, Croatia, the Netherlands and, now, in Lithuania. A stipend holder from the Polish Ministry of Culture and National Heritage as well as from the City of Warsaw. His second no-fiction book on the former state-owned agricultural farms is going to be published by Czarne in 2023. Biking and forest running enthusiast. If he hadn’t settled down in lowlands, he’d live in the mountains.


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