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Every year, the BANGUOJA audiofestival invites both experienced and novice audio content creators to participate in activities. This year, the conference has a slightly different format, with the aim of meeting Lithuanian and foreign audio creators, making interesting friends, gaining knowledge and inspiration. 


The festival programme will include meetings with the creators, which will be recorded and made available on the festival's website, and will be coordinated by journalist and podcast creator Karolis Vyšniauskas. Nanna Hauge Kristensen from Denmark, Jonathan Zenti from Italy, a radio producer, and Suvi Tuuli Kataja from Finland will share their experience in making audio documentaries. Lithuanian audio content creators will also be interviewed - Deimantė Bulbenkaitė, producer of LRT Klasika's “Tendencingai”, and creators of LRT radio documentaries Sigita Vegytė and Ieva Balsiūnaitė.


Their works are also included in the festival programme and will be heard during public audio sessions.


Meet the maker:
Sigita Vegyte and

Ieva Balsiūnaite


Meet the maker:
Jonathan Zenti


Meet the maker:
Deimantė Bulbenkaitė



Meet the maker:
Nanna Hauge Kristensen


Meet the maker:
Suvi Tuuli Kataja

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