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Anatomy of Fear:


Language Czech
Duration 14 min.
Topic eco-anxiety

Subtitled and voice-overed in Lithuanian



The guy is sitting on a plane flying to Israel. He travels to study in an exchange program he has long dreamed of. But what happens in flight is what will change not only the next six months of the exchange, but his entire life as well. This is fear.

The five-part documentary series Anatomy of Fear is a true horror podcast in which creators Brit Jensen and Jiří Slavičínský and composer Martin Ožvold examine the fears and anxieties of young people. The creators seek to grasp the fears that arise from within and recount them through elements of horror and documentary.


Authors Brit Jensen and Jiří Slavičínský

Sound design by Martin Ožvold

Production Jakub Rálek, Eva Pjajčíková, Vratislav Šlajer 
Podcast Anatomie Strachu

Translation Andrius Jevsejevas

Subtitles Adomas Zubė

Voice Matas Driginčius

Sound desing Martynas Gailius
Animation Emilija Juzeliūnaitė

Brit Jensen, Jiří Slavičínský

IMG_4866 (1) copy.jpg

Brit Jensen is a Danish audio documentary maker living in the Czech Republic. She has recorded documentaries for Czech, English, Australian and English radios. Today, Brit works as the staff editor of a Czech radio’s youth documentary show. Since 2018, when she was co-authoring the country’s first investigative podcast, The Mathematics of Crime, she has been increasingly involved in projects combining documentary and investigative journalism. Working in a country where media capture has become a critical component of media reality, Brit is trying to support the emergence of alternative and independent audio production units. Audionaut is one of them.

Jiří Slavičinský started his career in the cultural section of Czech Radio in Ostrava. He was working as an independent documentary-maker with Battery Radio in St. John‘s, Newfoundland. Apart from the Czech Republic and Canada his documentaries have been broadcasted in Ireland, Slovakia and the US. Jiri is now based in Prague, working both for Czech Radio and independently. Anatomy of Fear is his first production for the Audionaut label.

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