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I am analog







 7 min




For five years the radio producer Jonathan Zenti has been making recordings with elderly Italians that explore old cultural rites in his region, Northern-East of Italy, that are in danger of disappearing. Imelda, who appears in this short documentary, was one of the voices Zenti happened to capture for this ongoing project. The prayer she says to San Antonio would traditionally be used to rediscover very important lost items – wedding rings, documents, jewels etc. – but at the time the only thing Zenti was keen to recover was his favourite t-shirt, that had been lost for a few years. “I Am Analog” won the “Create Gan Béarla” award at the 2015 “HearSay International Audio Festival”.

Produced Jonathan Zenti 

Translation Ieva Frigerio

Subtitles Adomas Zubė

Animation Emilija Juzeliūnaitė

Jonathan Zenti

An independent radio and podcast producer based in Milan, Italy. His works have been finalists at “Prix Italia” and “Prix Europa”, he's the recipient of a “HearSay Gan Béarla Award” and a “Third Coast Award”. Author co-founded the first meeting of independent radio producers “MIRP” and with his podcast “Meat” he was a finalist at the “Radiotopia Podquest” in 2016. He's currently running a podcast in Italian called “Problemi”.

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