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The Black Saint







 50 min.





Please read the following introduction before you listen:


On the morning of the 13th of December 2012, half a million Swedes turned on their TVs to follow the celebration of Saint Lucia’s Day, a local Christmas ceremony regarded as a ray of light in the dark Swedish winter. That year, the honour of playing Saint Lucia herself was given to Astrid Cederlöf, a 14-year-old girl adopted from India.

The reactions to the Saint being played by a dark-skinned girl were immediate – social media was soon boiling over with racist remarks about a Swedish tradition being destroyed forever.

‘The Black Saint’ follows how Astrid Cederlöf’s life gets turned upside down by thousands of hateful comments – most of which came from supporters of the Sweden Democrats, the right-wing populist party that in the 2014 General Election became Sweden’s third biggest political party. The program also portrays two of the people who anonymously offended the young schoolgirl, in a country increasingly plagued by intolerance and racism.

Author Måns Mosesson

Producer Robert Barkman 

Broadcaster Sveriges Radio

Translation Urtė Liepuoniūtė

Subtitles Adomas Zubė

Sponsored by Nordic Council of Ministers Office in Lithuania

Måns Mosesson

An investigative journalist and winner of Stora journalistpriset, Ikarospriset and the international award, Prix Italia. He has a background as a documentary producer at Swedish Radio and is currently working as an in-depth reporter at Dagens Nyheter.

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