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Crosses in the Desert

Language  Spanish

Duration  26 min.

Topic migration

Subtitled in Lithuanian

Alvaro Enciso is a retired man who lives in Tucson, Arizona. He puts crosses in the exact places where dead migrant bodies have been found in the Sonoran desert. In this episode, we accompany him on one of those journeys. And we can listen to the voices of migrants who got lost in the desert.

Producer Dennis Maxwell

Editor Catalina May

Sound design Martín Cruz

Original music Andrés Nusser
Podcast Las Raras

Translation Ksaveras Stuoka

Subtitles Ignė Narbutaitė
Animation Emilija Juzeliūnaitė

Awards Best documentary in a non-English language, 2020, Third Coast International Audio Festival Human Rights award, 2021, Bienal Internacional de Radio Nominee Best Audio Documentary, 2020, International Documentary Association.

Dennis Maxwell, Catalina May, Martín Cruz

Portretas Martin Cruz ir Catalina May.jpg

Catalina May is a Chilean journalist based in Santiago, Chile. She has worked in written journalism and education for more than a decade before co-creating Las Raras, a documentary-style podcast which tells stories about people who challenge norms and the status quo. She is also Adonde Media's Editorial Consultant. 


Martín Cruz is a sound engineer, sound designer, musician and aerial cinematographer from Santiago, Chile. He is the co-creator and sound designer behind Las Raras, a Spanish-language storytelling podcast that uses soundscapes and original music to create immersive experiences. He is also Adonde Media's Sound Supervisor.  


Dennis Maxwell was born in Santiago, Chile. He moved to California and studied film. His work has been featured in outlets such as the New York Times Op-Docs, the KQED “Spark” series, Providencia Film Festival (Chile), Festival Internacional Global Bogotá (Colombia), BBC Mundo, Radio Ambulante, Public Radio International’s The World and Las Raras.

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