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Language  English language.

Duration  32 min.

Topic consent

Lithuanian voice-over

Sameer met Anwen freshman year of college. He was into her, and they started seeing each other. Then one night, after a fraternity party, Sameer invited Anwen to come home with him — where he coerced her into sexual activity. Three years later, Anwen decided to speak with Sameer about what happened that night.

Authors Stephanie Lepp, Julia DeWitt.
Producers Steven Jackson and Phil Dmochowski 

Podcast Love + Radio

Translation Emilija Ferdmanaitė
Voices  Elžbieta Latėnaitė and Adomas Zubė

Sound design by Martynas Gailius
Animation Emilija Juzeliūnaitė

Stephanie Lepp, Julia DeWitt

Stephanie Lepp portretas.jpg

Stephanie Lepp is an artist and producer whose work strives to hold up a mirror — inviting us to grow from what we see. Her latest work is Deep Reckonings, a series of explicitly-marked deepfake videos that imagine morally courageous versions of our public figures. Stephanie is a Mozilla Fellow and two-time Webby Awards winner. Along with her independent work, she's the Executive Producer at the Center for Humane Technology.

Julia DeWitt portretas.jpg

Julia DeWitt is a radio producer. Her work has appeared on such shows as This American Life, Planet Money, WNYC’s Snap Judgment, 99 Percent Invisible, Love+Radio and elsewhere. She focuses on documentary style storytelling and loves a good personal interview. In fact, she loves it so much that she is leaving full time radio making to become a clinical social worker and therapist. She lives in New York City.


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