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I Can’t Stay Silent. Belarusian Stories

Language Lithuanian / Russian

Duration  2 parts after 45 min.

Topic  migration

Lithuanian voicer-over

Available to listen  during festival on August 24 - 31 October 2021

Audio documentary in Lithuanian I part and II part


Part One

Those Belarusians who could no longer stay quiet and accept the unfairness of the state regime went into the streets demanding Alexander Lukashenko to step down from power in August, 2020. For participating in peaceful protests thousands of people were subjected to repressions, incarceration and persecution. Some of them decided to flee for safety to Lithuania. 

It is the first part of the documentary series narrating the lives of Belarusians seeking refuge in Lithuania. Five people tell about their decision to speak up, they share their experiences, persecution and other circumstances that led them to leave home.


Part Two

Belarusians who seek refuge from state repression are creating new lives in Lithuania. Although they believe that they will stay here temporarily, they still need to adapt to a new place and settle down. Physically present in Lithuania, mentally they travel to Belarus longing for home, uncertain about the country‘s future and safety of their friends. They do all they can to keep the hopes for freedom burning.  

It is the second part of the documentary series narrating lives of Belarusians seeking refuge in Lithuania

Producer and sound designer Vita Ličytė

Editor Sigita Vegytė

Broadcaster LRT radijas
Source LRT archyvas
Animation Emilija Juzeliūnaitė

Vita Ličytė

Vitos Ličytės portretas įrašų studijoje prie mikrafono.jpg

Vita Ličytė has a degree in journalism from Vilnius University. For the past 10 years she has been working for LRT Radio and during this time she has made several attempts to create radio documentaries. For the past 5 years she has been working on a radio show called „Radio Documentaries” (liet. k. Radijo dokumentika). In 2018 Vita received a prestigious Åke Blomström Award award for rising European radio producers. 

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