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Embrace the Chaos


Nick van der Kolk


Agnė Pakšytė

In English

3:00 - 4:00 p.m.

The world of podcasting has become a crowded one. With a bevy of competing styles and purviews, having a unique voice is an increasingly valuable commodity... both artistically and financially.


But finding that voice is easier said than done, and requires a willingness to take risk. So how do we take real, calculated risk? In this session, Love + Radio's Nick van der Kolk will examine methods for taking chances, maintaining a sense of play, and experimenting toward new forms and new ideas.

Nick van der Kolk

NvdK Portrait - Credit Penumbra Gallery _juodai balta nuotrauka.jpg

Audio producer, sound designer, and the creator of Love + Radio--the longest running narrative documentary podcast in history, and the first podcast to win gold at the Third Coast International Audio Festival. His work has appeared on This American Life, Radiolab, The New York Times, Snap Judgment, Marketplace, and numerous radio outlets worldwide. He is a 2012 USA Artists Fellow and a co-founder of Megapolis — an audio art and leftfield radio festival.  Nick lives in Sligo, Ireland.

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