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Emelie Rosén

Sayre Quevedo

Martyna Šulskutė


Agnė Pakšytė


In English

6:00 - 7:00 p.m.

We would like to introduce you to three audio-makers who are not scared of challenging stories and inconvenient topics. They give us an opportunity to get to know characters whose stories do not always receive the attention they deserve. During the session, will we discuss how to build a connection with the interviewees? How to work with vulnerable groups? How to avoid bias and not get too emotionally involved? How to keep boundaries while telling your own personal stories? Our guests are Emelie Rosén - investigative radio reporter at the Swedish Broadcasting; Sayre Quevedo - artist and journalist; Martyna Šulskutė - producer and editor of audio documentaries at NARA podcast.

Emelie Rosén

Emelie Rosén portretas.jpg

Award-winning investigative radio reporter at the Swedish Broadcasting Corporation. Her stories often focus on issues that are important for those not commonly represented in the media, such as children and youths. The documentary series ‘Gamer’ is no exception. Emelie is 28 years old, and she has been working at the Swedish Broadcasting Corporation since 2015.

Martyna Šulskutė

Martyna Šulskutės nuotrauka iš profilio, kūribiniame procese, rašant scenarijų_juodai balt

Producer and editor of audio documentaries. Martyna has a master's degree in social anthropology from Vytautas Magnus University. During her studies, she obtained a certificate in intercultural understanding from the University of Southern Illinois and studied social sciences at Lund University through an exchange program.

Sayre Quevedo

Sayre portretas_ juodai balta nuotrauka.jpg

An artist and journalist. He works across mediums to tell stories about intimacy, identity, and human relationships. Quevedo began as a reporter with Youth Radio in Oakland, California at the age of 15 in 2008. In 2018 his piece 'Espera' received the Third Coast/RHDF Directors' Choice Award and his other piece 'The Quevedos' was nominated for a Best Audio Documentary award by the International Documentary Association (IDA). The following year he won the 2019 Third Coast/RHDF Gold Award for Best Documentary for 'The Return' . It was also nominated for a Best Audio Documentary award by the IDA, his second nomination two years in a row. Quevedo was the Fall 2019 Podcaster-In-Residence for the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art and an Associate Producer for ‘The Daily’ at The New York Times and NPR’s Latino USA. He currently works as a producer for VICE News.

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