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Then Came the Birds







7 min




Subtitled in Lithuanian

Dubbed in Lithuanian

‘Then Came the Birds’ is a short feature that was awarded the Create Provoke award at the 2021 Hearsay International Audio Arts Festival. It features the voice and shares the experience of Alice Ansara who evacuated her home three times during the 2019/2020 Australian bushfires.

Producer Sarah Mashman

Translation Narius Kairys

Subtitles Adomas Zubė

Animation Emilija Juzeliūnaitė

Voices Agnė Kaktaitė, Judita Ragauskaitė

Sound desing Martynas Gailius

Suvi Tuuli Kataja

Award-winning director, scriptwriter and sound designer from Finland. Kataja is working with new and experimental audio storytelling. Currently she is writing her first novel which will be published as an audiobook. Her latest work, audio drama series ‘The Revenge of a Woman’, is awarded and nominated internationally (Prix Europa, International Feature Conference, BANFF-festival). She also directs music videos, teaches scriptwriting and sound art in universities and works as curator. She believes that the audio revolution is already here.

Sarah Mashman recording on Kangaroo Island by Lisa Burns _portrait.jpg
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