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Forbidden feelings





Dubbed in


35:14 min


LGBTQ+, Catholic Church


Taave grew up in a Christian family, chose to study theology and wanted to become a pastor. But his sexual orientation prevented him from doing so.


The 2007 Estonian radio documentary “Keelatud tunded” (Forbidden Feelings) tells the story of a young man who is forced to choose between his faith and his feelings. He says that society somehow vaguely believes that “this is not normal” and Christians, on the basis of the Bible, say that “this is wrong”. Since no one has succeeded in inventing a way to get rid of homosexuality, the first reaction is to push “it” away.


“After so many years, it is both surprising and saddening that the story of Taave is still relevant and important today,” says documentary maker Meel Süld. “Attitudes towards homosexuals in the church have not changed much. Even if they were highly qualified professionals, they are still subject to the same restrictions”.

The documentary was produced in cooperation with VRT Radio as a final project of the EBU International Radio Documentary Training Programme.

Producer Meelis Süld

Translated and adapted into Lithuanian by Vaida Pilibaitytė

Animation Emilija Juzeliūnaitė

Meelis Süld

An Estonian journalist and clergyman. He has studied journalism at the University of Tartu (2005) and public relations and theology as additional disciplines. Süld has contributed to the newspaper Postimees (1996–1998) and worked as a presenter of Tartu Family Radio (1997–2001). Now he is the vice-chairman of the Union of Estonian Journalists and the co-founder of the Estonian Association of Gay Christians.

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