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Lithuanian German

 53 min.






How does it feel to ‘arrive in’ an unknown language? How does your own name feel like when you pronounce it weirdly? How do you get used to the new vowels and consonants? And what is the difference between ‘fühlen’ and ‘füllen’ in German?

In ‘Forever’ (Visam) German intermingles with Lithuanian, thus inviting the listener to reconsider one’s views on personal and national borderlines.

It is a coming-of-age story of four pieces, reflecting on questions of identity and language. The author explores her own and her family’s history of migration. Digging through her past, she finds mysteries, filled pancakes and parallels to her grandfather’s life, which make her reconcile with the long-standing narratives of belonging. 

‘Forever’ by Jūratė Braginaitė is a part of the podcast project ‘Voice Versa: Two Languages, One Story’, a joint production of Deutschlandfunk Kultur and the Goethe-Institut.

Author, Director, Producer Jūratė Braginaitė

Music Jacques ‘Hoo hoo hoo hahaha’

Mixing Engineer Kevin Jahnel

Translation Kristina Sprindžiūnaitė

Subtitles Adomas Zubė

Jūratė Braginaitė

Radio director and scriptwriter. Born in Lithuania, she moved to Germany at the age of 14. Following her studies in speech art, Braginaitė studied media art focusing on experimental radio. Since then, voices and sound are her tools for artistic research on the big and small questions of life. She produces fictional and non-fictional radio pieces and site-specific works as part of the artist collective ‘AG Pärchenurlaub’. Her latest work ‘Das Land, in dem es immer regnet’ is a radio documentary about getting to know her home country and encountering four Lithuanian women.

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